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Visitors Management Solution

Visitors Management SolutionIt is essential for any business, organization or Trade Show operator to be able to quickly and easily record information for every visitor to their building or facility. You will need to know specific details such as who was there, when were they there, how long were they present, when did they leave and more. For years this information was collected in large paper guest books, but this method is outdated and unreliable. People can fill in false information, the writing can be illegible and since these books are open to the public, private information is not kept confidential.

Modern life demands a better way to collect data from people, and VirtuSync has the solution. Our Visitors Management Solution is ideal for quickly capturing data, making it easy to store and access and keeping it completely confidential.

The system works by having every visitor run their driver's license or identification card through a scanner. When this happens, all relevant information is saved and stored to a data base. This process is completely customizable; you will have the ability to store the name, address and other basic details, as well as any other information you require such as a photo, the reason for the visit or even a signature.

Once the id is scanned, the data is stored in an electronic database and saved. It can then be accessed by any terminal that is part of the network that utilizes the Visitors Management Solution software. Each terminal can be linked together, allowing users to easily share information and communicate with each other. Using this management solution offers a variety of benefits:
This software system will allow you to track and monitor anyone who enters your facility. You will be able to know where they are, why they are visiting and how long they stay. There is no better way to know exactly who is in your building and why. You can also set up alerts to indicate that certain individuals are not to be allowed in, so you can deal with potential security breaches before they occur.
The old method of signing guests in was a slow and tedious process. With VirtuSync's Visitor Management Solution, each visitor can be signed in and processed in just a few seconds. All it takes is a quick swipe of an identification card and the visitor is finished and on their way. People will no longer have to wait around to sign in or out at any building.
Only the people who are supposed to see the personal information of any visitor will have access to it. Since the data is scanned and sent directly to an electronic database, there is no chance of other visitors or unauthorized people obtaining any details. Old fashioned paper guest books were easily accessible and are just not a valid form of data collection in this modern world. Privacy is an utmost concern, and VirtuSync's system assures everyone of complete confidentiality.
Another problem with paper guest books is that it was common for people to not sign them correctly, or for hand writing to be difficult or impossible to read. Over time the information was subject to fading away and becoming completely unreadable. The VirtuSync system collects data directly from an identification card, so it will always be 100% accurate and complete no matter how much time passes.
User Friendly and Compatible
This system is extremely easy to learn and use. Our staff will train your people on how to use it, and we offer customer service and technical assistance to all of our customers 24 hours a day.  The software system will not take up a lot of space on your hard drive. All it requires is a PC with a Pentium IV processor, Windows 2000 or XP, 512MB of RAM and 100MB of free hard disk space. These are very common in most any company, so the system is compatible for everyone.
Badge Printing Capabilities
You will have the ability to print customizable badges with the VirtuSync Visitors Management Solution. The software package comes with more than 200 templates to choose from, and you can create custom templates to suit your needs. With this system, personal badges can be printed for every visitor or staff member. Create a badges that are specifically designed for various events, individuals and functions. This system gives you the ability to print any type of badge you prefer.
Return on Investment
VirtuSync is proud to offer products that provide our customers with solutions that have a high return on investment. Using this system will give your employees and customers peace of mind and contentment, which will increase productivity and encourage return visits to your facility. Other companies will respect your commitment to security and privacy and become more likely to work with you. You will save time, and therefore money, with the ease and simplicity this product offers.

Electronic Visitor Management is the best and safest Visitor Management Solution for you Company. Using this system will enhance your public image because it will let people know you are concerned with their security and privacy. Contact the helpful staff at VirtuSync today to see how we can set up this system at your office, trade show facility or anywhere you need to collect data from visitors.