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Records Management Services

Record Management SystemEvery business produces important documents that must be saved and easy to access at all times. It can be difficult for any company to store these documents properly; they often end up in large piles in a spare room or basement where they can be all but impossible to find when you need them. That's why VirtuSync has created a complete Records Management system that is the perfect solution for saving and keeping track of every record, note and document your company produces.

VirtuSync has created a tremendous storage facility to accommodate the needs of all of our clients. Our warehouses are clean, fireproof and waterproof to ensure that your important records will not be damaged. Every document you store with us will be meticulously taken care of, stored and kept completely safe and confidential. We assign a specific space to every customer where only their documents will be located, and we are happy to reserve extra space to accommodate your ongoing needs.

Our services go well beyond simply storing your documents for you. We provide a complete records management solution, which includes:

- Document storage and retention management
- A thorough tracking system for every record in our warehouse
- Complete confidentiality
- Scheduled and immediate delivery of any document to your office
- Document scanning capabilities
- The ability to ship your records anywhere in the world
- Custom reports per your specifications
- Complete shredding capabilities

Storage & Retention

Most companies have a large amount of paperwork to manage. The professional VirtuSync staff will meet with you to discuss the needs you have and problems you are faced with when it comes to sorting through records, deciding what to save and what to discard and storing every document that must be kept for future reference. We will create a thorough records management solution that is perfect for your business. From there we will work with your staff to help them understand which records are to be saved and what to do with those items. The records that are to be saved will be stored in our secure warehouse in the area that has been reserved solely for your company.

Tracking System

Every document you store with VirtuSync receives a unique bar code before it is placed in the warehouse. This gives us the ability to keep track of who handled each record, when it was last used and most importantly, exactly where the record is being stored. Our system offers the essential ability to locate any document in mere seconds. Old storage systems were difficult to maintain. Documents are easy to lose when they are placed in overflowing filing cabinets and stored in a back office. With our system everything is easy to find and immediately accessible. You will never have to waste time again searching for a document that you need right away.

Complete Confidentiality

At VirtuSync we understand the importance of confidentiality to all of our clients. That is why we reserve spaces that are specifically for one client only, and why we so thoroughly track ever record we store. There is never a possibility of private or top secret records being seen by anyone who is not approved to view them. We offer complete security for every item we store.

Document Delivery

It is common for specific documents to be needed immediately, or for a particular date and time. VirtuSync's comprehensive system gives us the ability to locate any record right away, so we can get it to you exactly when you need it. Our friendly staff can be reached at any time via phone, fax or email to accept your requests. We will find the document for you, and deliver it via fax, email or in person. We have a customized fleet of company vehicles that are designed to protect your records while in transit. Each vehicle is secure, well maintained, climate controlled and comes with a top of the line alarm system. Our drivers carry fire extinguishers so your records will be safe under any emergency circumstances.

Scanning Technology

At your request, VirtuSync is able to scan any document for you. This allows us to store both the original and the digital record for you. Once the record is scanned, we can email it to anywhere you request at a moment's notice. When you need a document with no time to waste, this is your best option.

Worldwide Shipping

At times you may need certain records to be shipped to one or more locations across the globe. VirtuSync also has the ability to package and ship any or all of your records to any destination you require. We are also able to receive, inspect and store documents that are sent to us via the mail.

Custom Reports

VirtuSync can offer your business any customized reports you desire. Whether you need a report about billing services, what documents are stored, how many documents have been retrieved for review, a list of records by department code or any other specialized report, we can get you the information you need right away.

Thorough Shredding

Over time many documents become irrelevant to business, but may still contain confidential and privileged information. VirtuSync has complete shredding capabilities to properly dispose of any records that you no longer wish to keep. Simply let us know which records are to be destroyed and our staff will handle it for you.

Don't risk losing important documents, having records be accidentally destroyed or wasting time trying to locate items that have been misplaced. Contact VirtuSync today to find out how we can handle of all of your document retention, management and storage requirements.