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Records Warehouse

Records WarehouseA major issue that every business faces is trying to successfully manage an ever increasing amount of documents, records and files. Most companies have so many records to deal with that it can be extremely difficult to keep track of them all. As a business grows, so does the amount of paperwork that the staff must save and archive. This process becomes more difficult and complicated as the number of documents increases and company owners are forced to scramble to find a solution to their document storage and retrieval problems.

VirtuSync has the answer to this serious issue. Our Record Warehouse solution is exactly what your company needs to properly store and manage every business related document that must be readily available.

The Record Warehouse system involves converting your essential documents into a digital format. This eliminates the need to store paper documents within your office building. Storing records that have collected over the years will not only consume much of the space within your office, it is also an outdated and inefficient process. Many companies find that they are running out of space to store their documents, and that their staff is spending far too much time searching for older records.

After your documents are converted to a digital format, they will be imported into the VirtuSync Business Process Manager, a highly customizable database that will store and file every document your business produces. The Process Manager gives you the ability to find any record in just a few seconds. It will save you time, money and frustration.

There are many benefits to using the VirtuSync Record Warehouse solution, including:
This system is extremely efficient and easy to use, and only takes a short time to learn. The system is customizable and designed to accommodate all of your record storage needs. The database will grow right along with the growth rate of your company, so it will continue to be the right resource for the future of your company. Here are just a few of the exciting features our system offers:
- With this program, there is nothing to download and no client software to install. It is easy to access using any web browser.
- This solution allows you to scan, index and archive your documents into any digital format you prefer.
- You will have the ability to share folders electronically; distribute records using email, fax or FTP; search for records by specific text; retrieve and preview folders without the use of originating software such as CAD and so much more.
The program will be available to multiple users within your company, and they will be able to access it from any workstation on site or remotely. It will allow everyone on your staff to have instant access to every document within the system. There is no better way to save and manage the documents your company must keep track of.
Protection from Disaster
When a disaster strikes, it can be devastating for any business. A natural occurrence such as a flood or fire, or a manufactured disaster such as a terrorist attack could destroy every important document any company has in their facility. The loss of these irreplaceable records could mean the end of any business - without these essential documents most companies will not be able to start back up. With the VirtuSync Record Warehouse solution, your vital information will always be saved and available. You will never have to worry about losing your records for any reason.
Extra Space
Saving records over the years can take up a huge portion of any office. It is estimated that most companies are forced to devote 1/3 of their office space to storage purposes. With our system, every record is saved digitally. They can then be saved to a CD or DVD, or uploaded to any website. This allows your company to stop using outdated storage methods which take up too much space and can be very unreliable. Now you can reclaim your office space and use it for more important functions.
Return on Investment
The VirtuSync Record Warehouse solution is designed to save your company money over time. When you use this system, you will no longer have to spend extra money for paper and ink to print and copy every document on file, and you will no longer be forced to spend a large chunk of your budget on the storage space for an ever growing supply of paper documents. Our system will also save a huge amount of time for your staff. They will never again waste valuable time by searching for hard to find documents that may have been misplaced and could be stored in a variety of old boxes or filing cabinets. You will be able to find any record you need right away. This will also allow you to deal with your clients in a more efficient manner, and increase the level of customer service you offer, and that will help your business to grow even more.

No business can afford to wast time, money and resources while searching for a necessary record. VirtuSync is proud to offer this outstanding management solution that will help advance any company. Contact the helpful staff at VirtuSync today to find out how we can get you started with this amazing system. We look forward to working with you.