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Network Audit

Network AuditThe VirtuSync Audit begins with a detailed interview with the person at your firm who typically makes decisions regarding business strategies. From this conversation, we will gain an understanding of your company's goals for the next year (or 2, or 3).

Next, a certified Engineer will visit your site and record information about your network and its environment, using a variety of tools. The Engineer will also speak to several of your network's "power users" to find out their impressions and/or concerns with regards to the network's performance. As mentioned, screen shots of all your network software and hardware configurations will be compiled, and neatly arranged in a binder.

Then, the Engineer will work with the Network Consultant to discuss the Engineer's findings, and how the network might need to be optimized to meet your company's stated goals and expected growth into the future.

Our recommendations will be in an Executive Report which is delivered to you, along with the Audit binder, during a meeting where we will review the Audit, its findings, and those recommendations with your key personnel. The Network Audit will provide your company with an effective IT "roadmap" for your company's future.

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