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VirtuSync News

1. VirtuSync Training Camp
Document Management SolutionAt VirtuSync, we place the utmost importance on proper training for every member of our staff. Several of our new account executives just successfully completed a 2-week boot camp with honours. These eager, knowledgeable men and women will be working in our Accra Ghana and Lagos Nigeria branches.

VirtuSync sponsors an ongoing Human Resources development program with camps such as this one in order to provide all of our clients with representatives that are professional, responsible and ready to diligently attend to all of their needs.

We congratulate everyone who went through our training camp, and look forward to great things from each one of them!
2. Web portal for the Federal Judicial Service Commission of Nigeria
Document ManagementThe Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC) of Nigeria is a noble institution that provides justice, respect and lawfulness to our country. VirtuSync had the esteemed pleasure of creating and developing a web portal for the FJSC.

This new website, located at, provides a myriad of useful information, including:

- Structure - Facts about the structure of the commission, its current members and how the FJSC operates.
- Duties - Details about the responsibilities held and duties attended to by members of the FJSC.
- History - A comprehensive look at the creation and history of the FJSC from conception until present day.
- Constitution - A verbatim reprint of the grand Constitution of the FJSC.
- Member Profiles - Informative profiles of every member of the FJSC, past and present.
- Chairmen - A detailed overview covering the current and former Chairmen of the FJSC.
- News & Events - An ever-growing collection and description of FJSC news, functions and events.
- Social Activities - A list and explanation of all the various social activities sponsored by the FJSC.
- Employment Opportunities - An accumulation of current job openings that are available to members of the public.
- Press Releases - Reprints of every press release involving news and updates for the FJSC.

Please take a moment to visit the web portal, and watch for new and ongoing content.
3. VirtuSync Virtual Voters Verification System
Records Warehouse SolutionVirtuSync is proud to announce our revolutionary Virtual Voters Verification System for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Nigeria. This cutting-edge service will modernize and greatly enhance the crucial process of voting in this country.

In the past, members of the Commission were forced to travel, often very long distances, to discover their personal voting locations, check on the status of their vote or learn other important details related to an election. With VirtuSync's new system, voters can find all of this information and more using their personal mobile devices.

This momentous system will save Commission members an immense amount of time, prevent conflict and confusion, and streamline the voting process throughout Nigeria. Members of the INEC will always have instant access to all the data they need, right at their fingertips. Our Virtual Voters Verification System is just one of the many solutions VirtuSync has developed to improve and streamline the imperative functions of businesses, government agencies and other organizations.
4. Virtual Judicial Records Centre
Record ManagementVirtuSync proudly announces the creation of a Virtual Judicial Records Centre (VJRC) for the Court of Appeal Headquarters of Nigeria. The VJRC utilizes a state-of-the-art Barcode solution that stores, sorts and provides instant access to documents that cover Election tribunal matters and administrative records for the Court.

Authorized personnel may now use this Barcode system to find any document instantly. They will have constant access to an online database that provides virtual access to the Courtís entire repository of data. The new system will dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of the Court, and simplify the process of storing and accessing essential records.

In the near future, VirtuSync will introduce a Virtual Judicial Records Centre to the Court of Appeal in Lagos. This will enable authorized personnel to gain immediate access to current documents and records from the West African Court of Appeal dating back to the early 1900s. Court personnel will have an unprecedented ability to obtain data, both current and historical, that they need to make decisions and tend to the responsibilities of the Court.
5. VirtuSync Becomes a Corporate Member Records Management Society of Great Britain
Electronic Document ManagementVirtuSync is honoured to be a Corporate Member Records Management Society of Great Britain. The Society was launched in 1983 to recognise professional individuals and organizations working in the field of records and information management.

About the Records Management Society of Great Britain The Records Management Society (RMS) is the foremost professional association representing our industry. They have a dual mission:

- Improving the status of records management and records managers through representation, external liaison and promotion.
- Supporting professional development through sharing knowledge and expertise.

At VirtuSync, we continually strive to provide the world's leading records management systems. Our goal is to create exceptional management solutions to businesses, governments, judiciaries, schools and other organizations to vastly improve and consolidate their process of doing business. We also provide strategic guidance, unyielding support and innovative concepts that allow our partners to experience a superior level of success.

As a corporate member of the RMS, VirtuSync vows to continually seek out and develop groundbreaking new products and services that benefit the records management industry.