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Government Document Management Solutions

Government Document Management ServicesEvery branch of Federal and State Government is responsible for an overwhelming number of documents and records. Between having a continual barrage of paperwork and a low budget to manage the records, it can be excessively difficult to organize and preserve all of this information.

VirtuSync has created a system that will help. The process we put to work for you involves saving all of your documents in a digital format. This allows them to be stored easily on computers, servers, CDs and DVDs, and allows government offices to save an overwhelming amount of office space by no longer needing to store countless paper documents.

The professional staff at VirtuSync will take your existing paperwork and scan them in our offices. We have the proper equipment for all your scanning needs, a large and well trained staff to handle every one of your documents and the resources necessary to manage the entire system.

The documents will be saved in a TIFF format, which can be opened on any computer. We also offer a fully functional database to store all of these records in a systematic and easy to use manner. Using this system will provide any government office with a variety of advantages:
Our system is easy to use and offers the advantage of making it easy to track down any file or record you need immediately. Since the documents are saved digitally, they can be accessible by anyone with the proper authority whether they are on or off the premises. Any government official will be able to look up pertinent information and retrieve it quickly, which will increase productivity.
Lower Costs
After the older records are converted to a digital format, all new records will be saved and managed the same way. This will save money as you will no longer have to spend so much of your budget on paper and ink to make numerous copies.
Understandable Filing Systems
Paper documents need to be saved in boxes or filing cabinets. This is an outdated method of storage which can be confusing and difficult to keep up with. With the VirtuSync solution, every file will be stored electronically and easy to access whenever you may need it.
Protection from Disaster
A natural disaster such as a flood or fire, or a man made disaster such as an attack by a terrorist group can cause the complete destruction of many government documents and files. Using the VirtuSync system will assure your office that every irreplaceable document has been stored and saved and will still be accessible following a disaster. With our system, you will never have to worry about losing essential documents again.
Return on Investment
By using the VirtuSync Government Document Management Solution, your government office will save time and money. This will give your office a significant return on your investment. It is a system that more than pays for itself by completely managing all of your document storage and filing needs and freeing up the staff to work on more important matters than attempting to track down missing files.

VirtuSync is proud to assist a variety of government offices with our document management solution. If your office is in need of help, contact our friendly staff today to find out how we can work for you.