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GIS contracting servicesGIS have emerged as very powerful tool because they allow analyst to derive solutions using various methodologies in ways that support traditional forms of geographical analysis, such as map overlay analysis as well as new types of analysis and modeling that are beyond the capability of manual methods. With GIS it is possible to map, model, query, and analyze large quantities of data all held together within a single database.

GIS build information about transportation networks, hydrography, population characteristics, economic activity, political jurisdictions, and other characteristics of the natural and social environments. Such a system would be valuable in a wide range of situations--for urban planning, environmental resource management, hazards management, emergency planning, or transportation forecasting, and so on. The ability to separate information in layers, and then combine it with other layers of information is the reason why GIS hold such great potential as research and decision-making tools.

GIS are now used extensively in government, business, and research for a wide range of applications including environmental resource analysis, landuse planning, locational analysis, tax appraisal, utility and infrastructure planning, real estate analysis, marketing and demographic analysis.

Some of the useful GIS applications which we develop at Nuclues :

- planning facility maintenance
- zoning and subdivision planning
- land acquisition
- environmental impact policy
- water quality management
- maintenance of ownership
- address matching
- location analysis or site selection
- business Intelligence Data Warehouse

In addition to above applications, we at VirtuSync excel in GIS database design and development, data conversion, parcel mapping with the use of high end software and hardware solutions.