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Education Document Management Solution

Education Document ManagementEducational facilities do the noble work of training young minds and providing education for people from every walk of life. The staff faces many educational challenges, and has to deal with a wide array of clerical and administrative tasks. VirtuSync is happy to offer our Education Management Solution which will help teachers and learning institutions manage all of their records with ease and simplicity.

Our remarkable software solution allows every school related document, file and record to be converted into a digital format and then stored and saved in a powerful database. This allows for a convenient and working filing system that can be available to the entire staff.

VirtuSync will assist you in scanning every old document and converting all new records into a digital format. Then we will work with you to create a highly customizable database to store all of these important records. We continue to assist and work with you on an ongoing basis. Our helpful staff is available for customer support and technical assistance 24 hours a day.

The management solution will offer your facility many benefits. With this system, you will receive:
A Document Management Process
We will help you determine what paperwork needs to be saved, and for how long. Our staff stays current on government regulations that affect the responsibilities of any educational facility. We will ensure that every required document is stored and available at any time. Our management process includes several processes for your facility:
- Scanning documents. VirtuSync has the staff and the equipment to scan in all of your old paper documents, and to keep up to date with current paperwork.
- Data Entry and Checking. Our staff will help enter important data related to your school such as the names and contact numbers for teachers, parents and students.
- Storage for every record. We will go through all of your records and store current and outdated files in separate areas. Every bit of data will be accessible unless you request to have it removed.
Reduced Costs
Saving every document electronically means you will no longer have to print paper records for every document you process. This will save money on both paper and ink. Going paperless is also an environmentally beneficial process.
Simplified Filing Systems
Paper documents need to be saved in boxes or filing cabinets. This is an outdated method of storage which can be confusing and difficult to keep up with. With the VirtuSync solution, every file will be stored electronically and easy to access whenever you may need it.
Return on Investment
The VirtuSync Education Management Solution will save you time and office supplies, and will ensure that you do not have to hire part time help to assist with all of your filing and organizational needs. This will save your facility money that could be used for other essential budget items. You will receive a significant return on your investment when you work with VirtuSync and utilize our management solution.

VirtuSync is proud to help educators with our document management solution. If your school or learning facility is in need of document storage help, contact our friendly staff today.