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Electronic Document Management Services

Electronic document management systemAt VirtuSync, we understand that the number of documents any business produces over the years can be overwhelming. There are many important records that need to be stored and filed, so it is easy to develop a large backlog of documents.

VirtuSync has developed a solution for your document management needs. Our Electronic Document Management Services program is a comprehensive system that allows our clients to have every essential document scanned and saved in a digital format. We will convert and manage all of your records so that they will be easily accessible for future use. Once the documents are scanned, they will be readily available to anyone who is approved to see them. There are a variety of benefits to this process:

Convenience and Ease
Every document will be stored electronically, so they can be accessed by any approved party, regardless of where they are located. This allows for any on-site employee, remote worker or distant client to be able to access every document right away. Each record will be stored in a TIFF format, so they can be emailed or uploaded to a website in just a few seconds. You will have the ability to answer questions, look up important information and share details anytime it is necessary.This will increase productivity and save you both time and money.
Save Space
You will no longer have to waste space storing documents in boxes and filing cabinets. It is generally estimated that 1/3 of all office space is used for storage purposes. With VirtuSync's system, you will no longer need to have stacks of boxes and old filing cabinets on the premises. Reclaim your office space and use it for whatever you prefer.
Save Paper
It is important to protect the environment by using paper only when it is necessary. Many documents get copied again and again, which not only wastes paper and ink, it also costs extra money. Scanned documents never need to be copied; they can be forwarded to an unlimited number of people. This is the most efficient way to save and share all of your records.
Paper Filing
A misplaced file can waste a lot of time. When an essential record can not be found, employees must spend their day searching for it. However, when you partner with VirtuSync, we scan every document and set up an impeccable  electronic filing system for you. You will never again have to seek out paperwork - it will always be right at your fingertips.
Safe from Disaster
A disaster could occur at any time - fires, floods, earthquakes and more. If something should happen to your office, every document you have stored on the premises could be destroyed and lost forever. Documents that have been scanned and saved electronically are immune to disasters. They can be stored in multiple locations and accessible on any authorized computer. This is the best way to keep your essential records safe.
Return on Investment
When your company no longer wastes time searching for documents; spends unnecessary money for boxes and filing cabinets; uses extra paper and ink for copies; and begins to store all records electronically, you will save money. Your business will receive a return on your investment - in the long run you will save more money by using VirtuSyncs Electronic Document Management Services than you spend for it.

Let VirtuSync and our partner companies work for you. We do all of the scanning services in-house, and work with our reliable vendors to produce software products that help store your documents and maintain proper electronic filing systems. We have the proper equipment for all your scanning needs, a large and well trained staff to handle every one of your documents and the resources necessary to manage the entire system.

When you are ready to get started with this remarkable system, simply contact the knowledgeable staff at VirtuSync and we will help you understand exactly what to do in order to get started. We will discuss important details with you such as what should be done with any post-it notes, which documents should be saved and which should be discarded and what should happen before the process can begin. There are a few steps that must be taken prior to the scanning process:
- Any staples should be removed from the documents.
- All documents should be put into boxes that have been labeled by category. It is a good idea to create unique serial numbers for each box.
- Make a final copy of any document you will need while your records are being scanned.
VirtuSync offers a quick turn around time for all of your documents.  Contact us today to see how we can work for you.