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Document Management Solution

Document Management SolutionEvery business creates a tremendous amount of paperwork. At VitruSync, we have created a solution to efficiently manage every document and record your company needs to permanently save.

The key to our Document Management solution is to create digital or electronic versions of every document a company produces. This can be done by converting documents sent via email, Electronic Data Interchange transmissions or through another application such as Microsoft Word or Excel. We also scan paper documents into a digital format so they may be saved and filed in the same way.

When your documents are scanned and saved digitally, they can be stored permanently, accessed easily and available to anyone at a moment's notice. VirtuSync offers of variety of options for scanned documents, including:

- Saving items to a CD or DVD
- Conversion to other formats such as Microfilm and Microfiche
- Creating documents in a TIFF format which may be saved on any computer
- Uploading the documents to our servers

However you prefer your documents be saved, we can take care of it for you. There are many reasons to use VirtuSync's Document Management system:


There is no easier way to save, store and share documents than by converting them to a digital format. The records can be compressed and saved on any computer or server and filed in an easy to understand and access database. Documents may be emailed, saved to a CD or DVD, transferred to a memory stick or made available using a variety of convenient methods.

Free Space:

Paper documents must be stored in boxes or filing cabinets that can take up a lot of room in an office. Having documents in a digital format instead of on paper will save a significant amount of space, and ensure that you will not have to rent extra storage facilities just to save more paperwork.

Going Paperless:

Not using paper is beneficial both financially and environmentally. These days many companies are going green and doing their part to preserve the Earth's natural resources. Show that you are a company that cares about this important issue. When you stop using paper you will also save money on office supplies, so it is also financially wise to do.

Never Misplace Files:

A lost file will waste valuable time and resources. If an essential file is misplaced, a project may have to be put on hold and employees will spend time during their work day to look for the errant item. Storing all of your documents digitally will make them easy to find every time. Our document management software includes a comprehensive database that provides an easy to understand filing system so you will never lose a valuable record again.

Disaster Recovery:

Disasters may strike at any time without warning. When a disaster occurs, natural or otherwise, it is possible to lose many if not all of your records and documents. A fire, flood or other disaster might destroy every paper document you have, but when you save copies of these documents on servers, CD's, DVD's and other digital formats, it is easy to retrieve every piece of information. VirtuSync always recommends creating several backup copies of any essential documents so you will always be able to access the information.

Return on Investment:

The VirtuSync Document Management system will give your company a great return on your investment. It will allow you to save money by no longer needing to purchase large amounts of paper and ink, and save time by never again having to stop what you are doing to search for a missing document. We offer low cost conversion and storage services for any company.

Now is the time to go paperless and convert your valuable records to a digital format. Contact the friendly people at VirtuSync today to find out how we can make this system work for you.

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