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Digital Image Processing

Digital Image ProcessingDigital image processing of Satellite data has huge potential in studying the land use and land cover classifications for various applications. With availability of high-resolution data the study of urban development, agriculture, geology and other sectors have grown tremendously over the years.

It involves image preprocessing, image restoration, image corrections and applying various classification algorithms. Image processing follows standard methodology with required accuracy levels depending upon various factors such as type of sensors configuration, ground truth data etc.

Image processing plays an important role in developing and managing following sectors to name a few :

- Cartography
- Environment
- Risk Assessment
- Security
- Utilities
- Telecommunication
- Forestry
- Agriculture
- Marine and Coastal
- Media and Consumer

Map Products :

We generate following map products using various images processing methodology to name a few :

- Cartographic maps
- Cadastral maps
- DEMs (slope, Aspect map)
- Visibility Maps
- City Models
- Cartographic maps
- Slope Maps
- Change detection
- Road and infrastructure maps
- Land Use / Land Cover maps
- Hydrological / Watershed map